Nataki Minix
Minix began her career more than a decade ago in Atlanta, where she worked at one of the city’s top hair salons. She specializes in natural hair, weaves, short cuts and color. Through consultations with her clients, she employs her extensive knowledge of both hair and products to help clients achieve and maintain beautiful and healthy-looking hair. 
She has not only been recognized by her clients for her unique hairstyling expertise, but she’s been sought out for her fashion advice, and more often than not, she finds herself giving fashion and style tips for those clients seeking a full transformation.
Styling for a number of major national runway fashion shows and video and photo shoot projects, Minix is making a name for herself and is well received in the industry. Nataki is expanding her entrepreneurial acumen with the launch of her hair company - Star Taki Hair Co. and life styling services company - Star Taki Life. She is an influencer making waves.

“When I am finished with a client’s hair and she walks out the door, I have just placed my signature on her. I personally do my best to always uphold my reputation and bring out the true beauty and greatness that lies within every client. I am always mindful of what style, balance and form fits them best.” - Nataki Minix​​​​​​​
Star Taki Hair Lounge | 227 Sandy Springs Place | Suite 384 
Atlanta, Georgia 30328